I created the handmade jewelry on the right.  This is only a few of them.  If you see something you like click the link at the bottom of this page to place an order.  If you do not see what you want, but you want something unique let me know and I will try to create it for you.

As you saw on the Homepage of this site, the Amber and Pearl colored Earrings are astonishing.  It is hard to believe these handmade [one of a kind in some instances] jewelry are still available.  Usually they sell out before we can post a picture and list the item for sale.

NEWS:  You can own these Amber & Pearl Earrings.

Briefly:  These start at $15.00 US Dollars.  This does not take into account unique [one of a kind] merchandise.  "One of a kind" items start at $25.00 US Dollars, unless you purchase more than one.

Example:  If you purchase more than one item pricing goes this way:

1 = $25.00  +  2 = Add $15.00 = $40.00  +  3 = Add $15.00 = $55.00

Add $10.00 to each item up to 20 pieces or more.

Purchasing 20 or more receives 3 FREE = $220.00

Thank You for visiting, Malina